Lecithin for the brain

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Food supplements for the brain

Lecithin is an emulsifying fatty substance found in all cells of the body, high concentrations are found in the liver and the brain but our nerve tissues also contain a large amount.

  • Contains fatty acids that are important for the brain
  • Natural lecithin from sunflowers
  • Vegan!
Lecithin från solros

Great memory

Lecithin for a better memory

Ever wondered why you sometimes feel like a super brain and sometimes…? not so much? Thank you lecithin for the good days! This little fatty substance, which hides in our nerve connections, is like a secret agent for the brain. Thanks to choline, a key player in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, our brain and nerves get the energy boost they need to function at their best. But wait, it gets better! Lecithin is not only the brain’s best friend, but also the stomach. It tackles the fat in our food like a champ, breaking it down and making sure we absorb it properly. And for all of us who love a good pizza now and then, lecithin helps keep cholesterol levels in check. So next time you’re feeling sharp or enjoying smooth digestion, give a silent thought of gratitude to lecithin. The little hero of the body’s adventure!

Can the capsules be emptied of their contents?

Yes, this capsule can be emptied, as can most of them. Pour it on your yogurt or porridge instead of swallowing it whole.


This product contains no allergens.Reproduction

Studies on Lecithin

This article in Medical News Today describes different types of lecithin, its benefits, risks and sources in food. Lecithin is described as a group of fatty substances that are found in plant and animal tissues and are essential for proper biological function.


Researchers have studied whether lecithin, which contains choline (an important nutrient for brain function), can help symptoms of dementia and other memory problems. One study showed some positive results


Lecithin has been studied for the treatment of various conditions, including cognitive impairment, high cholesterol, menopause symptoms and others. The article reviews lecithin’s uses, sources and evidence of its effectiveness.