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When you do a Full Body Scan, the Metatron equipment gives you a thorough scan of your body. In the first session, we balance a number of parameters in your body and provide you with information on what your body currently needs more or less of.

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What you can get from a Metatron reading

Inner peace

With facts, you don't have to worry unnecessarily. A Metatron reading gives you useful information about what is going on in your body.

Better sleep and recovery

Sometimes sleep deprivation is caused by imbalances in the nervous and endocrine systems. We are able to send balancing signals that calm your body and allow it to recover.

Pain relief

Pain can be caused by faulty signals in your system. In cases where they are actually error signals, we turn off the "service light" in you immediately. Otherwise, we can see what is needed for the body to finish working on the imbalance.

Methods to increase your power

Your body needs several different things to perform. Rest, water, nutrition and movement. Much of this is under your control. Using methods to change small habits in your life can greatly increase your power.

Vitamins & minerals

The building blocks of the body are not nails and boards. They are vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and much more. In order for a construction or repair project to be completed, all construction materials are needed. We can find out if there is a shortage of stock and if you would benefit from restocking. It is more effective than buying expensive supplements unnecessarily.

Better control of your health

Your body is stronger than you think. There is no need to suspect that something is wrong. Good data helps you keep track of your health. If something is out of balance, it can often be corrected with simple methods. This increases your quality of life.

Frequently asked questions about body scanners

Yes, we cannot do anything that your body does not support. It always works for you and your health and is the basic tool for changing an imbalance. We reinforce good signals and give you practical methods to support new and balanced processes.

No. You only need to arrive 5-10 minutes in advance. If you have seen the video we send you in advance, you will understand more quickly and easily what we see when we scan you.

No. We measure and send low-frequency signals via inductors. It doesn’t feel anything unless you are more than usually sensitive. Often when we correct an imbalance, you immediately feel a relief in your body.

You can find out the causes of imbalances that you know you have. You can find out how to correct them with simple tools. You can also find out if your body is lacking ‘building materials’ such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and more. We see what, right now, is supporting your body’s ongoing ‘building’ or ‘repairing’ project, whether it’s specific building blocks, food or something else.

Yes, it is. However, you may want to bring a partner or a good friend because you will have gained a lot of information after your session. Perhaps you get tired from too much information and could benefit from your friend driving afterwards. Normally, driving a car is not a problem after a session.

Absolutely. We recommend that you bring a good friend or partner as you will get a lot of information. Together you can help each other remember and it’s always an interesting discussion on the way home.

Do you want a Neoclinic in your city?

Full body scan 1h 50min

3 490 kr

Return visit 50min

Within 3 months from 1st visit. Click here to go to booking a return visit.