Privacy policy

  1. Purpose and scope

Your privacy is important to us at the Neoclinic. In order to best fulfill our commitments to you, we may collect and process personal data when you provide us with information. Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you, such as your name, phone number or IP address.

This privacy and cookie policy (“Policy”) contains information about how we at Neokliniken, i.e. Fair Pass AB, organization number 559160-9705, process personal data in accordance with current data protection legislation, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Neokliniken is the data controller for all processing of personal data carried out in accordance with this Policy.

In cases where it is necessary for us to offer you our services, we share your personal data with companies that are so-called data processors for us. A processor is a company that processes the information on our behalf and according to our instructions. Examples include transport and payment services companies. We have assistance agreements with these companies for current assignments.

  1. Description

What personal data we collect and for what purpose

Neokliniken collects personal data in the following situations:

  • When you buy from us in our online shop

We save your basic data at the time of purchase in order to comply with the accounting law. It requires us to keep your data for 7 years.

We also save your data to be able to fulfill your purchase contract.

  • When we use your personal data for marketing purposes

Personal data is processed through the sending of newsletters and/or marketing communications by email and/or SMS. Your data is processed on the basis that you have previously given consent to the processing.

We keep your data until you choose to withdraw your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, either by contacting us directly or by unsubscribing directly according to the instructions at the bottom of the mailing you have received.

  • When you contact us by email, post, phone, text message or our website

When you contact us, for example by email or phone, the processing of your personal data depends on the nature of your request. We process your personal data for our legitimate interest in handling your case, i.e. after careful consideration, we deem that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden and require the protection of personal data.

If your case requires processing, your data will be stored for twenty-four (24) months. You have the right to be informed about how long the data may be stored and how to withdraw your consent.

  • When you register for a lecture or an event that we organize

When you register for a lecture or event that we organize, we need to be able to process your registration and communicate with you about the lecture or event in question. The personal data we store is your name and your contact details, such as address, email and phone number. For some lectures or events, we may also ask for information about any allergies.

The personal data is stored for eighteen (18) months, with the exception of data on possible allergies, which is deleted immediately after the lecture or event in question.

When you use Neokliniken Body Scanning by us and create an account on the portal we will process your personal data; name, address, email, phone number and year of birth as well as health data classified as sensitive personal data under the GDPR, see the following: gender and test results. The purpose of processing information on year of birth and gender is to provide an accurate assessment when interpreting results, which may vary with gender and age.

The personal data is used to advise you on habits to improve your health. Your data is processed according to the Neoclinic’s privacy and cookie policies, which you have consented to when creating your account. By creating an account, you have also consented to the processing of your health data. We thus base the processing of your data on your consent, which you have the right to withdraw at any time.

The personal data will be kept for as long as you want them to be kept. If you want to delete your test results, please let us know.

  • When using Neokliniken’s body scan

When you use the body scan services, you agree that Neoklinik staff may access your test results for the purpose of providing you with personalized advice. This means that in this case you allow staff to process sensitive personal data about your health. We base the processing of your personal data on your consent. The Neoclinic staff will delete your personal data immediately after completing the counseling.

  • When you apply for a job/traineeship or are employed/training with us

If you apply for a job or traineeship with us, we will process your personal data for our and your legitimate interest in processing your application, a so-called balance of interests. This means that, after careful consideration, we have found that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms are not overridden and require the protection of personal data.

Personal data is stored for twelve (12) months. If we consider that it is in our and your interest to keep the data for a longer period of time, you will be asked whether you agree to keep your data for a longer period of time.

If you are already employed or have a traineeship with us, we process your personal data based on the contract we have concluded with you. In such cases, the processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of our part of the contract, and the processing takes place during the contract period.

  • When you contact us via social media

When you send us messages on Instagram and/or Facebook, we process the personal data that you have provided to us. The purpose of the processing is that we can handle your case and ensure good service, for example if you contact us about a delayed delivery or similar. We also process personal data in order to send out prizes following competitions we have organized on our social media channels.

Personal data is kept for twenty-four (24) months. If we consider that it is in our and your interest to keep the data for a longer period of time, you will be asked whether you agree to keep your data for a longer period of time.

  • When we collect/provide personal data from/to third parties

The data we process about you is primarily that which you have provided to us yourself or which we have collected, for example by registering for our newsletter. We may also collect or purchase public personal data about you from, for example, SPAR, the Swedish Tax Agency and other authorities and actors. Data purchases are often made through companies specialized in information and address registers. In these cases, the Neoclinic is responsible for your personal data through a contract with the company.

We will never sell your personal data to third parties. However, in some cases it may be necessary for us to transfer your personal data to a partner, such as a newsletter provider.

  1. About cookies

When you use our website, we store so-called cookies on your computer. It stores information about your use of our website, which pages in our domain are visited and whether you have clicked on our website from another website. This is done to improve the user experience for you as a visitor.

A cookie is a small text file saved by your browser. There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary. A temporary cookie disappears automatically when you close your browser, while a permanent cookie is stored on your computer for a longer period of time.

Information stored may include technical information about your device, browser version and IP address. However, cookies do not contain data such as names, personal identification numbers and email addresses. If you do not want cookies to be stored when you visit our website, your browser can be set to automatically refuse the storage of cookies or to inform you each time a website requests to store a cookie. You can also use your browser to delete previously saved cookies. More information on cookies can be found on your browser’s help pages and on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website.

  1. Your rights

You have the right under the GDPR to be informed about the data we process about you. You also have the right to request the deletion of your data, the restriction of the use of the data in certain cases and the rectification of inaccurate data by us. In some cases, you also have the right to request the transfer of your personal data to another provider (data portability).

Of course, you have the right to unsubscribe from our newsletter or marketing communications at any time. To exercise this right, you can notify us directly, for example by phone or email. You can also stop receiving emails from us by clicking on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email you have received from us.

Please note that even if you block a certain type of activity in our register, we may still contact you with important information, such as amended or updated terms and conditions, information on contracts or changes in legislation.

You can read more about your rights under the GDPR here.

  1. Transfer of personal data to third countries

We aim to ensure that your personal data is always processed within the EU/EEA. If personal data for which Neokliniken is responsible is to be transferred to a country outside the EU/EEA, this is done in accordance with current data protection legislation, including the GDPR. This means that there must be a decision by the European Commission that the third country ensures an adequate level of protection or that appropriate safeguards have been put in place. It may also be that certain exemptions apply under the GDPR, for example, where you have consented to the transfer of your personal data to third countries.

Publishing on Instagram and/or Facebook means that a transfer of your personal data will take place to the USA, which is a third country. The transfer will be carried out in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, including the GDPR. However, the GDPR does not apply in the United States, which may entail an increased privacy risk regarding, among other things, the possibility for authorities in the United States to access your personal data and your ability to exercise control over the personal data. The transfer is necessary to enable you to send us messages or participate in our social media competitions.

  1. Changes to this privacy and cookie policy

This Policy is subject to change and the latest updated version can always be found on our website. If we make significant changes to the Policy, we may contact you directly with more information.

  1. How to contact us

If you have any questions about the Policy or our activities in general, you are welcome to contact us:


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Telephone number: +46 431 836 00

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