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Liquid plant-based minerals

Liquid minerals in concentrated form from natural sources that give you an effective replenishment of trace elements. Formulated to provide your body with an easy-to-absorb supplement of loaded nutrition.

  • Liquid mixed with water
  • Can be mixed in a shaker with Livlig and ArcticMed Oil
  • After opening, keep refrigerated

The minerals are a natural product and the liquid may contain small particles, traces of humic substances used in the extraction of minerals. These are natural and should not be strained.


7.5 ml Laddad
6 dl of water

Do the following
Mix with 4-6 dl of water in a shaker.
Shake and drink!


How charged (Laddad) do you want to be?
Laddad is a liquid plant-based mineral supplement

They are liquid minerals in concentrated form from natural sources. Laddad gives you an effective replenishment of trace substances. Why is Laddad so effective?

The minerals in Laddad are extracted from humic substances in an encapsulated deposit from a prehistoric forest in the northern United States. This deposit contains minerals from plants that existed long before there was pollution in the environment. That’s why Laddad is one of the purest mineral supplements available.

The minerals are in natural colloidal form. This makes them easier for the body to absorb. Why? The particle size of the individual minerals is so small that the body basically does not need a functioning gut to absorb them. They already start to be absorbed through the mucous membranes of your mouth and therefore reach the bloodstream more quickly. Simpler mineral supplements have a larger particle size, e.g. from lime mined in quarries instead of lime extracted from plants. Such larger particles cannot be absorbed into tissues until they are processed in a properly functioning gut. They require you to have a strong stomach acid to ionize them.

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