Ergozyme digestive enzymes

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2 in stock

Digestive enzymes help us to digest the food we eat and are needed for us to absorb the nutrients in food.

  • For normal digestive function
  • Broad mix with enzymes
  • Also contains lactic acid bacteria, herbs, aloe vera and black pepper extract

1 tablet, 2 times daily, with meals. The tablets are swallowed whole.

Size of jar

90 tablets

Multimineraltillskott som innehåller alla viktiga mineraler, spårämnen samt vitamin D och K.

Take care of your stomach

Some foods can be a bit difficult for your stomach to digest, and then your body doesn’t absorb all the delicious nutrition you need. This is where digestive enzymes play an important role.

The body is usually good at making enzymes on its own, but people with lower enzyme production may benefit from a supplement. Ergozyme contains a unique blend of enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, herbs, aloe vera and the black pepper extract BioPerine that helps to increase the absorption of nutrients.

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